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Enrolling at Children’s Village

To begin the enrollment process, you’ll first want to contact us to get your packet and forms. By completing these forms, you provide us with vital information that helps us place your child in the appropriate classroom. These forms also include questions regarding your child’s development, immunizations, allergies, and classroom preferences.

Fees and Tuition

A $50 fee will be collected during enrollment, along with all required forms, which must be turned in before your child begins. Tuition for Children’s Village is due each Monday and covers the expense of the week that follows. For your convenience, we accept payment online, or by phone, credit card, or check, and we accept CCDF vouchers. Payment can also be made directly at the office.

Tuition may vary somewhat based on your child’s classroom assignment, and does include all meals, snacks, and classroom activities. We also require tuition to be paid in a timely manner. Otherwise, additional fees may be incurred.

We’ll provide an outline of all tuition and fees in the parent agreement at the time of enrollment. If you have any questions or concerns, we’ll be happy to help explain how our fees are structured.